“The shock we feel when people die–especially people with life stretching out before them, with a newborn baby in their home as Kobe (Bryant) had–is theological shock. By this I mean that we are being reminded, all of us, that life is a vapor. We are just specks of dust. The strong, wealthy, impressive, and everyone else live with death’s sword over them at all times. We often pretend as if this is not true, but it is true. Death happens because of Adam’s fall. It is the result of his sin and our sin, for we sinned in Adam (see Romans 4-5). Death is not secular or neutral; death is inescapably theological and terrible. ‪Death is a trumpet blast from the heavens to flee Sodom and run to Jesus Christ while there is still time.‬ Death is a warning; death is a summons; death is a call to take God seriously, and to throw ourselves on his mercies.

‪We know not our hour.‬”

‪-Owen Strachan