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Is There Evidence for Jesus’ Resurrection?

by Ryan Kron

“Did Jesus truly rise from the dead? Did Jesus’ biographers—Matthew, Mark, Luke and John—record actual historical events? Were they capable historians? These are just some of the many questions that arise in our minds as we read the Bible.” Come and join us at our Easter Sunday service this Sunday morning at 10:30 am at […]

Who Will Attend Your Church This Sunday?

by Ryan Kron

“82% of unchurched people said they were “somewhat likely” to attend church if they were invited. 21% of active churchgoers have invited anyone to church in the course of a year. (And the number that invite an unchurched person is more like 2%!) Evangelistic Accelerant: This Sunday is arguably the day that an unchurched person is most open to going […]

How Can I Pray for My Spouse?

by Ryan Kron

Pastor Joe Holland writes: “Praying for our spouse combines the two most important relationships in our lives: our covenant with God and our covenant with our spouse. These two covenants are the bedrock of creation before the fall, and the marriage covenant in particular is the primary illustration for understanding much of redemptive history (Eph. 5:22–33). […]

Emotions Make Terrible gods: Taking Control of Our Feelings

by Ryan Kron

Greg Morse writes: “You cannot tell me how to feel,” the little girl shouted mid-tantrum. “I’m not telling you how to feel,” retorted the parent. “I am telling you how to behave. And how you are behaving is completely out of line.” Although the volume made the episode observable from almost anywhere in the store, it was […]

The Four Horsemen of Divorce

by Ryan Kron

Pastor MARK LOUGHRIDGE writes: “They were the ideal couple: he, a successful businessman; she, beautiful and creative. We sat at their table after a lovely meal. More coffee was offered—then it happened. “You can’t do that! It’s been sitting far too long! It’ll have gone bitter by now!”—words spoken, not instructively, but in a scorn-laced […]

Attending Corporate Worship

by Ryan Kron

Jared Wilson writes: “There are a lot of good reasons to gather with your brothers and sisters in the sacred fellowship of worship each week. Even if you struggle with regular church attendance, you can probably think of all the primary reasons quite easily. Most importantly, God has commanded it (Heb. 10:24–25). If that were the […]