To all who are spiritually weary and seek rest.  To all who mourn and long for comfort.  To all who struggle and desire hope.  To all who sin and need a Savior.  To all who are strangers and want fellowship.  To all who hunger and thirst after righteousness.  And to whomsoever will come – this church opens wide her doors and offers welcome in the name of the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

We are a Christian Church that believes in the Bible. We hold fast to “the faith that was once and for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3). We confess and believe all that is taught in the Old and New Testaments, which are the inspired, inerrant, and infallible word of God. We summarize Scriptural teaching regarding the holy Trinity and Christ in the Ancient Ecumenical Creeds. We also confess the Three Forms of Unity. We confess to believe that these creeds and confessions are biblical; that is, they are faithful summaries of the teaching of Scripture.

We believe the Bible teaches us that we are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in the perfect righteousness of Christ alone, to the glory of God alone. As a historic, Confessional Reformed church, we trace our heritage from the Apostles through the ancient church to the Protestant Reformation.

Each Lord’s Day we gather to worship the Triune God of the universe: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  We are fed by the Word of God and we sing psalms and hymns of the historic Christian church to give glory to God for what he has done to redeem us from wrath, sin, and Satan through the blood and righteousness of Jesus Christ.  As the body of Christ, we seek to encourage each other in the Christian faith in order to better understand what we believe and why we believe it.

We exist to make disciples who Love the Lord · Love the Flock · Love the Lost.