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Gospel hope amidst spiritual depression

by Ryan Kron

“If your life is dark,If the future looks bleak,If the weight of the world is crushing you,If you are buried under the weight of your sins,If your body is wasting away daily,If the valley you are going through has no end in sight,If you are lonely, discouraged, tired,If you ache for God’s presence and believe […]

Christmas Eve service of lessons and carols: 12/24 at 4 pm

by Ryan Kron

You are warmly invited to join us for a Christmas Eve service of lessons and carols tomorrow at 4 pm.  We will be meeting at our new location (Minnetonka Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 3510 Williston Rd, Minnetonka, MN). As Pastor Brian Cochran explains: “This  historic  service follows  closely  the  pattern  of  the  famous  Christmas  Eve  celebration […]


by Ryan Kron

Pastor Sinclair Ferguson writes: “The other year I read an article by a Christian lamenting the fact that his church celebrated Christmas. He didn’t believe it was “biblical.” After all, evangelical Christians and their churches are guided by Scripture—and there’s nothing in the Bible telling us to celebrate Christmas each year, far less celebrate it […]

Ministering to Those in Addiction

by Ryan Kron

James H. Berry writes: “Deaths of despair” is the appropriately grave moniker for the plague of premature deaths that has expanded across the United States over the past few decades. Middle-aged and young adults are dying at such record rates that the average life expectancy has declined each year since 2015. The last time the […]

What Is Faith? The Answer from Hebrews 11

by Ryan Kron

Richard Philipps writes: “What is faith? No better answer is given in perhaps all the Bible than in the great eleventh chapter of the book of Hebrews. Here a tapestry is unfolded, depicting great examples of faith from the record of Old Testament heroes. In great castles, dark tapestries hang on musty walls to portray the exploits […]