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by Ryan Kron

Pastor David Murray writes: “Many of us struggle with what to do when someone we know is depressed. We want to help but fear, confusion, or misunderstanding holds us back. So, let me suggest eight guidelines for helping depressed people. 1. Prepare for it. Eventually, someone in your church or in your family is going […]

Distinguishing Marks of a Quarrelsome Person

by Ryan Kron

JUNE 13, 2019  |  Kevin DeYoung    “Quarrels don’t just happen. People make them happen. Of course, there are honest disagreements and agree-to-disagree propositions, but that’s not what the Bible means by quarreling. Quarrels, at least in Proverbs, are unnecessary arguments, the kind that honorable men stay away from (Prov. 17:14; 20:3). And elders too (1 Tim. 3). These […]