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Attending Corporate Worship

by Ryan Kron

Jared Wilson writes: “There are a lot of good reasons to gather with your brothers and sisters in the sacred fellowship of worship each week. Even if you struggle with regular church attendance, you can probably think of all the primary reasons quite easily. Most importantly, God has commanded it (Heb. 10:24–25). If that were the […]

Predators in the Pew: Protecting Against Child Abuse in Your Church

by Ryan Kron

Pastor Deepak Reju writes: “Jonathan was sick to his stomach. No pastor ever wants to see a child hurt. Yet his church was facing a lawsuit over sexual abuse that recently occurred in their children’s ministry. He was bogged down with conversations with a lawyer, shepherding the distraught families in his congregation, feeling guiltt over […]

Hymn Stories: God Moves in a Mysterious Way

by Ryan Kron

Tim Challies writes: “William Cowper was keenly aware of the truth that God moves in mysterious ways. His life, as John Piper describes it in his biography of Cowper, seems to have been “one long accumulation of pain,” especially mental pain. But this hymn writer trusted by faith–not perfectly, but perseveringly–that in this mysterious and maddening […]

How to Shut Down Gossip

by Ryan Kron

Pastor Erik Raymond writes: “It seems that sometimes we deal with sin in the church with the same approach that the government deals with terrorism: It is impossible to remove it completely so we just kind of have to accept it and do our best to keep people safe. Buttressed up against this common practice is […]