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The Selfish Reasons We Skip Church

by Ryan Kron

Pastor Scott Slayton writes: In the last several years, observers of American church life have noted that the definition of a regular church attendee is changing. With increasing affluence, mobility, commitments and entertainment options, many Christians gather with their church family less often than they did 10 years ago. Previously, a regular church attendee was a person […]

What is encouragement?

by Ryan Kron

Jared Olivetti writes: “Everyone wants to be encouraging. No one wants to be discouraging. Which isn’t to say that all of us are very good at it. The place to start (or restart) seems to be discerning how the Bible speaks of encouragement. In my studies of Scripture, I see four main, overlapping ideas about […]

What is the role of the law of God in light of the Gospel?

by Ryan Kron

by Sinclair Ferguson “Since the time of the Reformation in the sixteenth century, the question has been asked endlessly: “What is the role of the law of God in light of the Gospel?” The apostle Paul found himself asking it (for example, Gal. 3:19: “What purpose then does the law serve?” NKJV). He had a profound sense of […]

What do you need?

by Ryan Kron

“Do I need salvation? I find it in his name Jesus, which means “Savior.” Do I need the gifts of the Holy Spirit? I find them in his title “Christ,” which means “Anointed One.” Do I need purity? I find it in his holy conception. Do I need redemption? I find it in his suffering. […]