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Should I join a church?

by Ryan Kron

Kevin DeYoung writes: “Why bother with church membership?” I’ve been asked that question on numerous occasions. Sometimes it’s said with genuine curiosity–“So explain to me what membership is all about.” Other times it’s said with a tinge of suspicion–“So tell me again, why do you think I should become a member?”–as if joining the church […]

Coming to worship

by Ryan Kron

“Those who come to the house of prayer are people afflicted with all sorts of spiritual defects–often wavering in faith, weak in love, dull in awareness. They come to the house of prayer from the world, with the unholy fountain of churning sins in their hearts. They bring with them the memories of all sorts […]

A Catechism on the Heart

by Ryan Kron

Sinclair Ferguson writes: “Sometimes people ask authors, “Which of your books is your favorite?” The first time the question is asked, the response is likely to be “I am not sure; I have never really thought about it.” But forced to think about it, my own standard response has become, “I am not sure what […]

Why Christians Need Confessions

by Ryan Kron

by Carl R. Trueman “Despite claims to the contrary, the Christian world is not divided between those who have creeds and confessions and those who just have the Bible. It is actually divided between those who have creeds and confessions and write them down in a public form, open to public scrutiny and correction, and […]

An End-of-Year Marriage Check-Up

by Ryan Kron

Kevin DeYoung writes: “As we approach the end of the year, many of us will take time to reflect on different areas in our lives. There is nothing magical about the turn of the calendar page. Yet if the flip from December to January causes us to think about what’s really important, I’m all for […]