God’s covenant promises

“God remembered his covenant in Jesus Christ. He remembered it on Christmas morning when Jesus was born to “fulfill the promises and prophecies of God.” He remembered it on Good Friday when Jesus died on the cross, suffering all the covenant curses against our sin so we could be forgiven. And he remembered it on Easter Sunday when “through the blood of the eternal covenant” he “brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus” (Heb. 13:20).
Now Jesus stands at the right hand of his Father in Heaven, ready to help us when trouble comes. When we commit a sin, Jesus intercedes for us, reminding his Father that all our sins have been washed away through the blood of his covenant. When things go from bad to worse—when in our suffering we are tempted to be discouraged—Jesus sends us the comfort and peace of his Spirit, the promised blessings of his covenant. God never goes back on a promise. He always keeps his word. As the psalmist wrote, remembers his covenant forever” (Ps. 105:8a). Therefore, he will remember his covenant to the end of the world, when Jesus comes to take his people to glory. God will remember his covenant on the day of judgment when he will forgive all our sins by his covenant mercy. And he will remember it forever after as he blesses us with his everlasting love.”
-Phil Ryken

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