The Covenant of Redemption

“Theologians have spoken about a covenant made between the Father and the Son in the councils of eternity. They call that covenant “‘the covenant of redemption.” It’s when the Father and the Son agree to save a people for eternity from their sins.
Can you imagine for a minute the Father speaking to His Son? And He says to His Son, “Son, I want to save a great company of men and women, and boys and girls from their sins; from the fallen race of humanity. I want to save a great number of people. It’s going to require that Someone goes down into the world, that Someone perforates into time and space; that Someone becomes like Adam, to do what Adam could not do: to undo the consequences of what Adam did. My Son, will You…? Will You do that?”
And Jesus says, “I will, Father. I will.”
And the Father says to His Son, “You understand, my Son, what that will mean: You understand You will become the target of satanic attack in a way that has never been the case with any man of woman before?”
“I understand,” Jesus says, “I understand.”
“You understand that You will have to obey every facet and every detail of the Law?”
“I understand,” Jesus says.
“You understand that if You become the substitute for sinners, they will take You and they will nail You to a cross. You understand that?”
“I understand,” Jesus says.
“Do You understand, My Son, that I will have to be just, and I will have to pour out My unmitigated wrath upon that sin which You assume to Yourself? Not wrath as it’s ever been seen before, but unmitigated wrath. You understand, My Son? There will come a time when You will not be conscious that I am Your Father. You understand that? You will cry from the cross, ‘My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?’ Do You understand that, My Son?”
And He says, “Father, I understand that.”
“And will You still become the Savior of sinners?”
“Yes!” Jesus says, “Yes, I will.”
“Why?” the Father says.
“Because I love them. Because I love them.”
-Derek Thomas on the “Covenant of Redemption”

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