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Christmas Eve service of lessons and carols: Thursday, 12/24 at 4 pm

by Ryan Kron

You are warmly invited to join us for a Christmas Eve service of lessons and carols this Thursday, 12/24 at 4 pm. We will be meeting at our usual location (Eden Lake Elementary School 12000 Anderson Lakes Parkway, Eden Prairie, MN). This historic service follows closely the pattern of the famous Christmas Eve celebration from […]

What is (one of) the greatest miracle of all?

by Ryan Kron

The incarnation of the Son of God. “We confess, therefore, that God has fulfilled the promise He made to the fathers by the mouth of His holy prophets1 when, at the time appointed by Him,2 He sent into the world His own only-begotten and eternal Son, who took the form of a servant and was […]

The Most Essential Life Skill: Teachability

by Ryan Kron

“There’s one characteristic that separates the successful from the unsuccessful in every walk of life: teachability. Those who are teachable, and remain so, usually succeed. The unteachable usually fail. I’ve seen that in business, I’ve seen it in the ministry, I’ve seen it among students, and I’ve seen it in my children. No matter how […]

What were you created for?

by Ryan Kron

“We were created to feast on glory.  But we have sinned and fallen short of it (Romans 3:23). It has become unattainable.  No wonder, then, that those made for the eternal are by nature discontented with the temporal.  We try the broken cisterns, but their waters fail and mock us until, in God’s providence, we […]