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“The power of attraction” of God’s Word

“The Word of God, moreover, when studied attentively, has also an indescribable power of attraction. It fills the mind with the clearest ideas of heavenly truth. Its method of teaching is distinguished by purity, solidity, certainty, and the absence of the least mixture of error. It soothes the mind with an ineffable sweetness — it satisfies the hunger and thirst of sacred knowledge with flowing brooks of honey and butter — it penetrates, by its irresistible power, into the inmost recesses of the heart — it imprints its testimony on the mind so firmly and immovably, that the believing soul rests upon it with as much security as if it had been carried up to the third heaven, and had heard it directly from God’s mouth — it moves all the affections, and, exhaling in every line the most delightful odor of sanctity, breathes it into the soul of the pious reader, even although he perhaps does not reach the full meaning of all that he peruses.”

-Herman Witsius

As originally posted by Shane Lems, The Reformed Reader. Original source: Herman Witsius, On the Character of the True Divine, page 19.

A god who is…

“A god who is all love, all grace, all mercy, no sovereignty, no justice, no holiness, and no wrath is an idol.”
—R.C. Sproul

Yes, He is altogether lovely!

“Put the beauty of ten thousand worlds of paradises, like the Garden of Eden in one; put all trees, all flowers, all fragrances, all colors, all tastes, all joys, all loveliness, all sweetness in one. O what a lovely and excellent thing would that be! And yet it would be less compared to that beauteous and dearest well-beloved Christ — than one drop of rain, compared to the whole seas, rivers, lakes, and foundations of ten thousand earths!”
-Samuel Rutherford

Do not be afraid

“As Christians see societies crumble and collapse, our response should not be terrified alarm, as though our security were bound up with a fragile human network of law and order, but anticipation and confidence: the Lamb is now on the throne, with God’s plan for history firmly in hand.”
-Dennis Johnson