Humble, sacrificial giving

“Fannie Mulder was called to Glory on October 20, 1987. In a letter from her attorney we learned that she had only the following personal property in her possession when she died, having been on title 19 for the last few years. Then the notice listed the contents of Mulder’s apartment. She had some
clothes: six robes, two sweaters, thirteen adult diapers, nineteen hospital gowns, one pair of slippers, and five pairs of socks (plus two singles). She also had some personal items: a purse, a mirror, an old thimble, a toothbrush, a comb, some soap, some powder bottles, and a pair of reading glasses. She needed the glasses so she could read her two copies of the Bible, and her Psalter for singing.
In addition to a broken radio, the only other thing Fannie Mulder had in her possession was some money. Do you know how much she had? Not much: only twelve cents – a dime and two pennies. But the lawyer explained that the old woman had drawn up a will because she felt strongly that she should invest whatever she had in the work of the kingdom of God. After the will went through probate, Westminster Seminary was the beneficiary of the dime and the two pennies, now gratefully displayed on campus as the lasting testimony of a woman who gave Jesus everything she had (Luke 21:1-4).”
-Phil Ryken

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