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Sin is…

“Sin is man curved in upon himself.”

-Martin Luther

Are you anxious?

“When we give in to worry, we’re actually denying God.  When we worry, we deny God’s promise that He will give us whatever we truly need. We deny His wisdom, not trusting that He fully appreciates the difficulties of our situation. We deny His goodness, not believing that He has our best interests at heart. We deny His sovereignty, not waiting for Him to provide what we need in His own good time. Our anxiety is a direct attack on the God-ness of God as it relates to the needs of our own daily lives.”

-Phil Ryken, Luke, vol. 1, p. 673.

What is the ultimate outrage of the universe?

“What makes sin sin is not first that it hurts people, but that it blasphemes God.  This is the ultimate evil and the ultimate outrage in the universe.

The glory of God is not honored.

The holiness of God is not reverenced.

The truth of God is not sought.

The beauty of God is not treasured.

The Messiah of God is not trusted.

The promises of God are not relied upon.

The commandments of God are not obeyed.

The wrath of God is not feared.

The grace of God is not cherished.

The three persons of God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) are not loved.”

-John Piper