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Christmas Eve service of lessons and carols: today at 4 pm

You are warmly invited to join us for a Christmas Eve service of lessons and carols today at 4 pm.  We will be meeting at our usual location (Eden Lake Elementary School 12000 Anderson Lakes Parkway, Eden Prairie, MN).

This  historic  service follows  closely  the  pattern  of  the  famous  Christmas  Eve  celebration  from  King’s  College Cambridge.  Every year  on  Christmas  Eve  a  festival  of  Nine  Lessons  and  Carols  is  held  in  King’s  College  Chapel.  The  Festival  was  first  introduced  in  1919.  It  was  later  broadcast  in  1928  and  is  now  broadcast  to  millions  of  people  around  the  world  every  year.  It  is  a  service  that  engages  our  minds  and  grips  our  hearts  as  the  drama  of  redemption  is  proclaimed  to  us  from  Genesis  to Revelation.

We  hear  the  Scriptures  read  and  briefly  explained  from  nine  passages,  tracing  the  history  of  salvation.  It  begins with  the  promise  of  a  Savior  to  Adam  and  Eve,  moves  to  the  promises  announced  to  the  Patriarchs  and  through  the  Prophets, culminates  with  the  birth  of  the  God-­‐man  in  the  Gospels  and  looks  forward  to  his  glorious  return  which  will  bring  peace  on earth.  Between  each  Scripture  lesson,  we  respond  by  singing  sacred  hymns,  rich  in  theology,  which  exalt  the  person  and  work  of  Christ.  We  hope  this  service  causes  you  to  reflect  with  wonder  and  awe  upon  the  great  significance  of  the  incarnation  of  our  Lord  and  Savior  Jesus  Christ,  to  trust  in  Him  alone  for  salvation,  and  to  look  forward  with  hope  to  His  second  coming.  Merry  Christmas!

The divinity of Jesus Christ

“He who believes in the divinity of Jesus Christ is a Christian.  He who does not, whatever his profession, is a mere deist.”

- Robert Lewis Dabney

The Bible is…

“The Bible is alive, it speaks to me; it has feet, it runs after me; it has hands, it lays hold of me.”

-Martin Luther

How many of your sins does Christ forgive?

Consider Christ’s eternal, free, unchangeable and fruitful love.

“These qualifications make the love of Christ exceedingly eminent, and they make him exceedingly desirable. How many millions of sins has this love overcome in every one of the elect, each one enough to condemn them all! What mountains of unbelief has it removed! Look at the life of any one Christian, consider the frame of his heart, see the many stains and spots, the defilements and infirmities that contaminate it, and tell me whether the love that bears with all this is not to be admired. And is his love not the same towards thousands every day? What streams of grace, purging, pardoning, quickening, assisting, flow from it every day!”

-John Owen, Works, II:63.