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Do you feel like an irritable Oscar the Grouch this Thanksgiving?

by Ryan Kron

“Love is not irritable.” (1 Corinthians 13:5).  “To be irritable is to be in a constant countdown for a temperamental blast-off.  It is to have your insides coiled, ready to spring into fury.  The spiritual membranes of an irritable person are inflamed; the slightest friction sends a surge of pain through his system.”  ‘In other […]

The precious blood of Jesus

by Ryan Kron

“When we come to see that it was no mere man who suffered on Calvary but the Lord of Glory, then we shall be willing to say that one drop of the precious blood of Jesus is of more value, for our own salvation and for the hope of society, than all the rivers of […]

What is a disciple?

by Ryan Kron

“No one can be a true disciple of Christ, to whom Christ is not dearer than what is dearest to him/her in the world.” (Luke 14:26) -Thomas Boston