Are you radically ordinary?

“The ordinary Christian life is not the opposite of the radical Christian life.  The ordinary Christian life is a radical life.  The ordinary Christian life is a life of daily trusting Christ; daily repenting of our sins; daily abiding in Christ; daily loving Christ; daily dying to self; daily taking up our crosses and following Christ; daily loving God and neighbor; daily sharing the gospel with our families, friends, communities, and nations.  Every Christian is an ordinary Christian, and every ordinary Christian is a radical Christian.  The ordinary Christian is not a complacent, passionless, nominal, or casual Christian.  On the contrary, every ordinary Christian person—child, teenager, college student, father, mother, husband, wife, single man, single woman, retired man, and retired woman—every Christian is radical because every Christian is united to Christ by faith and will bear radical, life-giving fruit.”

-Burk Parsons, The Ordinary Christian Life, Tabletalk, August 2014

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