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What is the unforgiveable sin?

by Ryan Kron

It is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (Matthew 12:31; Mark 3:29; Luke 12:10). “The sin against the Holy Spirit has to consist in a conscious, deliberate, intentional blasphemy of the—clearly recognized yet hatefully misattributed to the devil—revelation of God’s grace in Christ by the Holy Spirit. The blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, therefore, does not […]

What are some counterfeit gospels?

by Ryan Kron

Paul Tripp identifies seven counterfeit gospels in his book How People Change.  These are ”religious” ways we try and “justify” or “save” ourselves apart from the gospel of grace in Christ. Formalism. “I participate in the regular meetings and ministries of the church, so I feel like my life is under control. I’m always in church, […]

Are you easily offended?

by Ryan Kron

“Taking offense is not necessarily a sign of holiness.  Often it is a sign of immaturity, even hypocrisy… As Christians we need to learn to tell the difference between the law of God and our own personal preferences.  We may have all kinds of opinions about things like what people ought to wear, what they […]

Looking for solid biblical songs for your kids?

by Ryan Kron

I recommend “Songs for Saplings.”  “Songs for Saplings makes music for kids. We want them to understand who God is and what He has done, as well as what He wants your children to do and to be. Our music is adapted from scripture and from classic works meant to teach our kids the deep […]

Are you radically ordinary?

by Ryan Kron

“The ordinary Christian life is not the opposite of the radical Christian life.  The ordinary Christian life is a radical life.  The ordinary Christian life is a life of daily trusting Christ; daily repenting of our sins; daily abiding in Christ; daily loving Christ; daily dying to self; daily taking up our crosses and following […]