What do you fear?

“You need shelter for many reasons.  Here’s just one: without Christ, you are all you have.  One unbeliever puts it bluntly: ‘It looks as if we are all we have.  Given what we know about ourselves, and each other, this is an extraordinarily unappetizing prospect; looking around the world, it appears that, if all men are brothers, the ruling model is Cain and Abel.  Neither reason, nor love, nor even terror seems to have worked to make us ‘good,’ and worse than that, there is no reason why anything should.’  If you are not in Christ, you are all you have.  That is something to fear.  But Christ is a shelter for people who are in deeper trouble than they even know.  Turn to Christ in faith.”

-Ray Ortlund, The Fear of the Lord, Tabletalk October 2013.

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