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Childish or Childlike?

“Growth in Christian maturity should manifest itself in numerous ways. One of them is that we should become less and less enamored with the myths we tell ourselves of how unique we are as individuals, of how we have limitless potential, of how we really do have the last word on everything. In short, we should become less childish. Instead, we should become more conscious of how we are really just like everyone else – limited, dependent, finite, fallen. We should also learn more and more to find our fulfillment in resting in the simple biblical, catechetical faith which describes who we are, what we need, and how we can find it in submitting in humble and reverent faith to Christ. In other words, we should become less childish and more childlike.”

-Carl Trueman (you can access the entire article here).

The seed of sin…

“I have discovered that the seed of every sin known to man is in my heart.”

-Robert Murray McCheyne