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One struggle of parenting is…

by Ryan Kron

We cannot consider parenting without looking honestly at what we, as parents, bring to the struggle. If our hearts are ruled by success, appreciation, and control, we’ll unwittingly hunger for our kids to meet our expectations instead of ministering to their spiritual needs. -Paul Tripp

What is repentance?

by Ryan Kron

By the power of the Holy Spirit through the gospel of Christ, God grants repentance to wicked sinners (Romans 2:4).  Repentance is not a one-time action.  It is a lifestyle. What does repentance look like?  In The Doctrine of Repentance, Thomas Watson says there are six elements necessary for biblical repentance: 1) Sight of sin […]


by Ryan Kron

“Grace frees me from the burden of propping up my own righteousness because I have been gifted with the righteousness of Christ.” (Paul Tripp)