Thoughts on prayer…

Thomas Watson, who died while in prayer, wrote about the blessing that prayer imparts to the one who prays: “a spiritual prayer is that which leaves a spiritual mood behind upon the heart.  A Christian is better after prayer.  The believer has gained more strength over sin, as by exercise you get strength.”  Thomas Foxcroft said “the more fervent and frequent one is at the throne of grace, the better prospect you have of excelling in strength, of growing mightily in the Scriptures, and being skillful in the Word of righteousness.”

Prayer is a way to “keep our hearts and minds focused on the glory of the Lord” (Psalm 27:4; 63:2).  It is a “way to put all things in proper perspective, viewing them in the light of eternity while enjoying the compelling beauty and excellence of Christ” (Colossians 3:1-4).  John Bunyan wrote: “though we may begin in prayer with a heart that is flat, dull, savorless, lifeless, and has no warmth in the duty, nevertheless by God’s help it mounts up with wings like an eagle when the throne is truly apprehended.”

(quotes taken from Encouragement for Today’s Pastors: Help from the Puritans by Joel R. Beeke and Terry D. Slachter)

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