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“Sin first courts, and then kills…”

by Ryan Kron

“Sin is a mere cheat. While it pretends to please us, it beguiles us! Sin does as Jael did. First she brought the milk and butter to Sisera, then she struck the nail through his temples so that he died (Judges 5:26). Sin first courts, and then kills. It is first a fox and then […]

A prayer for the lonely, suffering, and sorrowful

by Ryan Kron

“Blessed Jesus! How Your presence . . .   sanctifies trial, takes loneliness from the chamber of sickness, and the sting from the chamber of death! Bright and Morning Star! Precious at all times, You are never so precious as in “the dark and cloudy day!” The bitterness of sorrow is well worth enduring, to have Your promised consolations. How […]