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Have you evaluated your world of talk?

In War of Words, Paul Tripp writes: “Are there places where your words have followed the pattern of the enemy more than the Lord?  Take time to consider, pray, and confess.  Confess to God and the people with whom you live and work.

  1.  Are there places where your words challenge the authority of God? (Seeking to take wrongful control, speaking words of condemnation, punishing others with words, undermining the authority of God-appointed leaders, grumbling and complaining about the situations God has ordained for your life, etc.)

What does real forgiveness look like?

As Ken Sande wrote, “Christians are the most forgiven people in the world.  Therefore, we should be the most forgiving people in the world.”  In other words, we should treat those who wrong us like God treated us: with abundant mercy and forgiveness.