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Sermons are available

by Ryan Kron

The sermons from Emmaus Road Reformed Church are now available on our website:

Are you prepared to die?

by Ryan Kron

This past week, my wife’s uncle died at the age of 79.  Death is a hostile enemy, and we as a family have been mourning and weeping over the loss of our loved one (Romans 12:15).  In our grief, I was reminded again that one of the main roles of your pastor is to prepare […]

What is the message of Christmas?

by Ryan Kron

This Sunday at Emmaus Road Reformed Church we will begin a four-week advent series in the book of Isaiah.  The name Isaiah means “the Lord is salvation,” that is, “the Lord is the source of salvation.”  The sermon this Sunday will be on Isaiah 7:1-14 as we look at God’s judgment against the wicked (v. […]